Luba Grigorovitch
Branch Secretary

The Australian union movement has long worked to improve the lives of working Australians. For over 100 years the RTBU has fought many battles that affect members both in the workplace and in daily life.

These battles have included struggles for wages and conditions, penalty rates and the fight against conscription. We have fought for issues important to our members such as leave entitlements, job security and safety, Women’s rights, superannuation, Medicare and the eight hour day. The list goes on.

We have fought for these issues as they impact our members, and we continue the fight to make workers better off, our country fairer and our future brighter.

But our work is never done. While laws exist that give more rights to some and discriminate against others, we cannot and will not stand silent. Year after year members are discriminated against at work for where they come from, who they are or who they love.

In the fight to bring equality and fairness to all Australians, we must stand united until all our colleagues, friends and family get the respect and dignity they deserve under Australian law.

Since the campaign for marriage equality plebiscite started, many workplaces across our industry have contacted our office to proclaim their support for the YES vote. Some have put up posters, organised events, and made sure enrolments are up to date.

If you would like to help with the campaign in your workplace, have some ideas to share or would like to put up some posters, contact Amedeo D’Aprano at or on 0488 305 088.

Should you need support or experience any bullying or harassment in your workplace, contact your organiser or the Union office on 8630 9100.